Shawn + Gwenn

Safe Sex, HIV Drugs & Synthpop

It isn’t exactly sex, drugs and rock n’ roll, but it works for me.

Just got back home from a Synthetic Division show: me, a few synthesizers and a handful of tunes harking back to the glory days of Soft Cell and Human League. About every six months I play my songs for the local goth and punk kids at a weekly gathering called The Dawning. Tonight I opened for good friends Bella Morte, which I enjoy doing because they draw a lively crowd. (Even if they’re fascinated by the undead.)

I’m wiped out. And I played a 25 minute set. Pretty pitiful, but that includes breaking down my equipment and hauling it there. Sure, my wife partner helped a lot, but still. My muscles were taxed. I guess all this means Van Halen won’t be offering me their frontman position anytime soon, but I’m OK with that. Every six months works for me.

Oh, and I’m hoping to get lab work done this week. My doc returns from vacation, and I have an appointment on the 20th. I’d like to know what my numbers are doing, so I can start the week on/week off cycling of my HIV meds that day if possible.

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