Shawn Decker and Gwenn Barringer are globally recognized speakers, educators and writers. Their journey of overcoming adversity and combating the stigma associated with HIV and other medical conditions has reached millions of people worldwide.

They have appeared on MTV, BBC, HBO films and everything from Queerty to Cosmopolitan Magazine. Shawn’s humorous memoir, My Pet Virus, was published by the Penguin Group and received a starred Kirkus review. Shawn and Gwenn have been spokespeople for a CDC HIV testing campaign and have effectively keynoted both health and student conferences. Staging a World AIDS Day bed-in at Grand Central Station, taking over Depeche Mode’s Facebook page and authoring a viral tweet are just a few of the creative ways they’ve inspired people with their message.

“We’ve done everything short of squeezing ourselves through someone’s front door mail slot to reach people,”Shawn says. “But we’re working on that one,” Gwenn quickly adds.

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