Contest Is Over… Now What?

by | Mar 21, 2011 | Blog, Music, My Writings

So the next installment of the Labtest Contest isn’t until July, when my labs are drawn two days before I spend a week celebrating my 36th birthday. But I can’t fall into the trap of looking forward to mid-summer excitement, which is four months away… so what does a positoid do to entertain himself?

I haven’t posted too much about finishing my second book, because I think I’ve posted in the past about “finishing” my second book. To be honest, I haven’t put the finishing touches on it to the point of where I’m willing to submit it to my agent.  One of the reasons why I haven’t obsessed over it recently is because writing takes away quality time with Gwenn.


I know, I’m being mushy.  But after the last go around with tweaking, writing, printing and reading my next book, I realized that the hours a day I was spending on it wasn’t worth the frustration it was causing.  And the doubt.  All the usual “writer crap”.  With My Pet Virus, I had natural writing spells followed by lulls that inspired the next batch of writing spells.  It was organic.  With the second book, I set aside time, put in the hours, and in a tangible sense I don’t have anything to show for it at this point….

By the way, the next book is a vampire book and I’m not embarrassed to divulge this.  I started a while back, before the first Twilight movie hit the theaters.  My reasoning for writing a vampire story was to do something different and indulge my love of horror: horror with a sense of humor.  When the moon is full or the mood strikes again, I’ll get back to it.  One of the problems with reasonably decent health (for me) is that I don’t feel like there’s a clock ticking.  If there was, finishing this book wouldn’t really be at the top of my priorities list.

In terms of time and energy, something that is far less consuming is music.  I’m planning to write some new songs this year, with hopes of releasing another Synthetic Division CD next year.  The appeal of doing music is that it’s instant.  I can write a song and share it with people in a very short period of time.  With writing a book, it’s different.  I accomplished a decade-long goal when My Pet Virus was published in 2006, and the messages I continue to get from people who are discovering the book today makes me feel like I’m contributing something to the planet even though I spend a lot of time drinking iced mochas and napping.

The next book will not have the personal impact that Pet did, because it’s a made-up story about made-up people, even though some real life problems do creep in.  That could be another reason why I’m having a hard time dedicating more time to it than I already have.  That, and sometimes when I read what I write I feel like I’m not very sharp.  Music trumps fiction writing because I’m a happier guy when I’m working on music.  So setting aside some time over the next few months for that is going to be my plan.

And we’ll just have to see if synthpop can help get those t-cells back up to the 600 mark.

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