Your Cure: An HIV Anthem For Everyone

by | Nov 29, 2017 | Blog, HIV/AIDS, Shawn's Gang

Your Cure (Company) from MerceTheSeries on Vimeo.

Last September I had the privilege of going up to Brooklyn to play a cameo role in Merce, Season 2. I remember the first time I heard about Charles and Tyne’s web series, they were fundraising for season 1 and they had me at “humorous web series”. The show has such heart and deals with the many issues surrounding modern-day life with HIV in America.

Probably the biggest perk of the trip was meeting Charles and Tyne in person for the first time, as well as Mark King, whose delivery of his character in Season 2 had me laughing out loud on more than one occasion. I, of course, waited until they said “cut” before my outbursts, since I’m professional like that. There were so many members of the poz community there, it was wonderful meeting familiar faces as well new ones. Everyone’s energy and purpose in delivering the message that Merce sends really carried the entire team through a long day of shooting.

Another highlight of the experience was participating in the music video above. “Your Cure”, written by Adam J. Rineer, is all about love in the face of HIV. It’s a powerful anthem that lays bare the shared experience of sero-diverse couples, particularly the perspective of the negative partner.

Hope you enjoy this song as much I enjoyed playing the role of Pastor Evan Elpus.

Love on!

Positively Yours,