Why I’m #DoingIt For National HIV Testing Day #NHTD

by | Jun 27, 2016 | Blog, HIV/AIDS

Today is National HIV Testing Day. I’m HIV positive, and my partner, Gwenn, is HIV negative. We both know our status and that’s important for our health. A couple of years ago, we made a video to show just how easy testing for HIV can be with our friend, Jason:

More recently, Gwenn and I had the honor of joining the CDC and Act Against AIDS campaign, #DoingIt. Testing is so important- and you can’t take control of your health if you don’t know your status. A lot of people don’t get tested for HIV because they are worried about what would happen if they tested positive… how that would affect one’s love life is among those concerns.

Gwenn and I want to show that you can have a healthy relationship: an HIV diagnosis doesn’t stop you from that. And the more you learn about HIV, the less scary it gets. If someone is going to hold a medical condition against you, then my opinion is that they are not worthy of your love.

In recognition of National HIV Testing Day, I am participating in CDC’s Doing It Blog Hop to share a range of perspectives on the importance of HIV testing. Check out the other posts from fellow Blog Hop participants and join the conversation online using #DoingIt and #NHTD.

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