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VOTE, DONATE to RED CROSS (And Maybe Buy My T-Shirt)



I’m going to the printer tomorrow (Monday) at 2 pm to place the order, so this is your last chance to get one of these suckers.

1) You can either place the order at or 2) you can email me at the address on the image above and I can send you an invoice. Just make sure you do this before 2 pm (EST) on Monday.


I’m overwhelmed at the response- 23 orders! That’s way beyond what I thought. Special thanks to Josh for designing this. When I was a kid, wrestling in my front yard over cardboard belts, that’s what I imagined I looked like. Even though I don’t really have those muscles, I’m extremely thankful to be here 25 years after my diagnosis.

A special shout out to anyone who has been affected by Hurricane Sandy. So many have lost their homes, and many great organizations have been submerged under water as a result. The pictures and video of the devastation has been a small representation of the immense grief that those who are affected must be feeling.

If you’re sitting there wondering where to send your $25 today- forget about my shirt. Send it to the Red Cross instead.

Also, if you’re HIV positive you’d better be voting on Tuesday. If you don’t vote, you have no right to complain about the results. Consider it 4 years of Gripe Insurance if the election doesn’t go your way.

And, I’ll say it now- if Obama doesn’t get re-elected, I’m going to be doing my best impersonation of this girl.

Rise Above HIV and Water,

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