Shawn + Gwenn

VLOG and Contest Update

Hope everyone had a great holiday.  Gwenn and I recorded our latest vlog last week- and had the fun idea of recording some of our trips surrounding World AIDS Day this year.  Last Saturday morning we arrived in Cleveland and I immediately got sick.  Just a cough and sore throat, but it kept me close to the hotel room in order to rest up for our talk last night.  We did get some footage throughout, but I’ve been delayed on editing because now I’m at home chilling out.

But we’ll have some fun stuff up soon!

As for another video, the one we did for Chevron AIDS’s AIDS Will Lose Contest made the Top 10 out of over 200 entries.  You can view it HERE!  It has a simple message of why we think AIDS will ultimately lose… wish us luck in the contest!

Positively Yours,

UPDATE: Our video finished in 7th Place out of 250 submissions- woo hoo!


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