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The Labtest Contest is Here- So Win Something!

When I first started blogging about being HIV positive (those blogs are somewhere, I think) in 1996, one of the ideas I had was The Labtest Contest.  I wanted to make getting my routine rounds of blood drawing fun for my new friends in the AIDS community.

At the time, I didn’t realize my counts were low- they’d been low for so long that was just normal for me.  I was so happy when my friends participated.  Either they too thought it was an innocently goofy idea, or they were enticed by my grand prize- which was a signed picture of myself with a random celebrity.  I do believe that Stephen Gendin (RIP) once won a signed polaroid of me and Danny Bonaduce.

Why the stroll down memory lane?  Well, I’m bringing the contest back! 


Why?  Well, I got better swag now.  In the fourteen years since the first and last Contest I’ve written a book, released a pretty cool synthpop CD and have made some killer safe sex t-shirts, pictured here.  Plus, I have more t-cells than I had back then, so the element of danger has been removed from the Contest.

If you want a chance to win some of my cool crap, just leave a Comment with your guess as to what my latest t-cell count was.  If you’re the closest, then you get to choose which gift you want: a copy of My Pet Virus, a CD of my band Synthetic Division or a Screw Smarter t-shirt.  Need a clue?  Okay: the t-cell count is somewhere between 450 and 600. 

Which means act fast!  There’s a limited number of guesses. (ha ha) 

Official Rules
1. You have to post your guess on my Poz blog Comments section
2. Relatives are disqualified (only because that makes this seem official)
3. Closest wins- no Price is Right logic applied.
4. One vote per person.
5. If no one votes I reserve the right to delete this blog entry and pretend this never happened..
6. Deadline is Monday, March 15.

Positively Yours,

Yesterday was the fifth annual Women and Girls HIV/AIDS Awareness Day.  Check out Regan’s Poz blog about it.  You probably didn’t know that about yesterday, because Corey Haim died and that got more coverage. To read a great blog entry on Haim, visit my friends at (Wo)Men Speak Out.

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