My Pet Virus “Book Club” on Facebook

by | Jan 20, 2011 | Blog, My Writings, Shawn's Gang

When my humorous memoir about growing up with HIV was published in 2006, I was doing a lot of self-promo for the book on MySpace.  I hardly ever log into that account these days, because it’s a Spam Hole.

mpv-cat-3.jpgEven though Facebook slinks closer and closer to the same fate as MySpace, I figured it would be smart to create a page for the book there and move over some of the pictures I received from people who were enjoying the book.  If you like the book and are on Facebook, join (Like) the group, I’ll be sharing more pictures and little knick knacks about the book, such as the following pearl of wisdom and insight:

At first cats think the book is about actual pets… but once they get over that, they seem to really warm up to the content of My Pet Virus.

Yes, I just quoted myself.  Join the group already!

Positively Yours,

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