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#MartinShkreli: From Checkmate to Inmate?

Santa Poz has bestowed a wondrous gift upon us this holiday season. This week Martin Shkreli was arrested on charges of fraud unrelated to the Daraprim price hike that delivered Martin into our public consciousness with all the warmth of a fart in a crowded elevator on a hot summer’s day.

A cocksure Martin tweets in happier times in November.

If the charges stick, then the pharma badbro and morning-after-pill poster boy should make a cunning rival for future shuffleboard opponents in federal prison. And, if others on the inside learn that he was the guy who bought the single-album release by the Wu Tang Clan, Marty McFly (Your Private Jet Into a Mountain) could be the victim of having his socks purposefully mismatched by jealous inmates…

Whatever his ultimate fate may be, let us all celebrate in this magical moment of Martin Shkreli’s misfortunes.

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