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Home for the… Holiday?

Tomorrow is World AIDS Day. Aside from two years ago- when I got sick while out on the road during World AIDS Week and had fly home instead of across the country- I haven’t really been home on World AIDS Day in any shape or form to enjoy it in about a decade. Today I’m about to get a plane and head off with Gwenn, and do my best to share my insights on living with HIV in the hopes of raising awareness and compassion, but tomorrow?

I’ll be home by 1 pm. And I plan to chillax. Going to go see the Muppets movie. Definitely going to have an iced mocha beforehand. I know World AIDS Day isn’t a holiday- just like living with HIV isn’t a holiday. But since I started talking about my HIV status openly, it’s become a work day for me, because it’s a small window from which many will gaze through for one day. So much information, which is always circulating, will be taken in.

But this year? I’m kicking back.

Have a safe, healthy and happy World AIDS Day!

Positively Yours,

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