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Happy Blogiversary (20 Years!), Steve Schalchlin!

When I decided to open up about HIV 20 years ago, I went online hoping to find the internet that exists today. My search for HIV websites yielded a handful of results- one of them was Steve Schalchlin‘s “Living in the Bonus Round”. 20 years ago, today, he put up his first blog entry- then called “online journals” or “online diaries”. I balked at putting a “journal” on my site because I didn’t want to be a copycat. That’s how small the HIV net was back then. “No, do it!” Steve shouted at me, always encouraging me to tell my story in my own voice.

Love you, Steve. Happy Blogiversary, you pioneer you.

Positively Yours,


To read Steve’s March 24, 1996 debut click here

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