#DoingIt National HIV Testing Day

by | Jun 27, 2017 | Blog, HIV/AIDS

Gwenn and I are proud to be a part of the CDC’s Act Against AIDS campaign, “Doing It”, which is all about HIV testing. As a sero-diverse (poz/neg) couple, we think it’s important for everyone to know their HIV status. We enjoy a healthy relationship and we feel that there’s only one HIV status that is unacceptable- and that isn’t “HIV+” or “HIV-“… it’s “HIV…?” 

To find an HIV testing center near you, click here!

We understand the fears that prevent many people from getting tested, but with the effective treatments that are available it is so important to your health to know sooner rather than later. Also, in writing about testing from the perspective of someone who is positive, it’s crucial that we engage our HIV negative or “HIV…?” friends in conversations about the importance of knowing.

I hope this message finds you healthy and happy!

Positively Yours,