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Bad Blood Airing on PBS in June

Last year I got to speak with Marilyn Ness for Poz about her documentary, Bad Blood, which details the treatment history of people living with hemophilia and how that ran headfirst into the AIDS crisis, forcing the bleeding disorders community to spearhead safety measures that protect the blood supply.

(It’s hard to describe such a great film in a short sentence.)

Anyway, I love it. And it’s coming to PBS in early June, so this is your chance to see it!  Check the Bad Blood broadcast page for information on when it’s airing, and strap yourselves in for an education on how a tragic event can be learned from, and used to benefit others.

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One thought on “Bad Blood Airing on PBS in June

  1. sounds veery interesting! especially the light this document may shine on the – for me – shady categoric exclusion of gay men from donating blood (not only in the US: the red cross has mostly the same rules world wide)..
    though I’m not terribly offended by that rule, because I can understand such a regulation to (statistically) heighten the safety of donated blood

    but last year, I was baffled to learn that to become a registered donor for Stem Cell Donation (where they put your very specific Tissue Type in a database, and when – in years time – someone in the world can benefit from your stem cells (ex. leukemia), they can locate you to ask you for a donation) they use basically the same rules as for blood donation! but in this case, I can’t find any reason to exclude gay men from registering (and I’ve been looking, and thinking, and looking).. sad thing that is

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