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VLOG: Why Condoms Are Like Cereal

Our 3rd vlog post is about a new and dear friend to our relationship… condoms!

Regarding our last vlog about sharing a glass of water.  We had several people share that vlog on Facebook, and on one of those threads someone asked a friend of mine why he would share such information. She posted: “I do not know why you are posting this, my father is a Dr and he just read your post and he said anything can happened in 13 second. Kissing someone with HIV P is not safe... Sorry! I do not want you to feel bad but I think it is my duty to let people know the truth about HIV.”  What’s great is that someone else immediately posted a link to an article by the CDC that explains how rare it is for HIV to be transmitted through kissing. 
I responded with, “Outside of a severely bloody exchange during a french kiss (the kind described in the horror movie scenario laid out by the CDC- thanks for posting the link btw!), french kissing is very safe. I wouldn’t do it if I thought there was any risk. I have hemophilia as well, so I’m on top of knowing when I’m bleeding, probably more than most people are. My doctor is an HIV specialist, and he knows everything that Gwenn and I do and he believes she is at no risk of being infected with HIV. This is exactly why we posted this video, to dispel myths about HIV transmission.

And I thought that video would be too basic.

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