Labtest Contest IX: Win A Rise Above HIV Shirt!

January 29, 2013

labtestcontest-logo.jpg(REMEMBER TO VOTE ON MY POZ BLOG COMMENTS SECTION! Link below with the other rules!)

It’s that time again- time to guess my t-cell count for the chance to win a fabulous prize! So what is the prize this time around?  It is a Rise Above HIV t-shirt, designed by my friend and Synthetic Division bandmate, Josh D’Elia, and modeled by my lovely partner, Gwenn, below…


This time around everyone is up against the first champion to ever guess the exact count, Scott Anderson.  He is someone I’ve known since we were teenagers and he is a steadfast competitor who has no intentions of being a one-time champion.  Feeling lucky to take him down?  Then take a guess for a chance to win! Post your guess on my Poz blog Comments section- see the official rules below.

Good luck!

Positively Yours,




Previous Champions…
March-July 2010: Charles Oliff (guess: 567 actual count: 565)
July-December 2010: Aimee Lee (guess: 516 actual: 511)

December 2010- March 2011: “Satan” (guess: 666 actual: 662)
March-July 2011:
Sharon Paul (guess: 520 actual: 508)
August-January 2012:
Justin Starkenburg (guess: 570 actual count: 579)
February- June: Bob Geise (guess: 595 actual count: 590)
Sahara Frog (guess: 515 actual count: 512)

Official Rules

1. You have to post your guess (between 300 and 800 t-cells) on my Poz blog Comments section

2. Relatives are allowed to guess!

3. Closest guess wins- no Price is Right logic applies.

4. One vote/guess per person.

5. Deadline is Monday, February 4, 2013 12:01 am EST


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