HIV Education from a Personal Perspective

Shawn met Gwenn. They fell in love. Shawn has HIV. Gwenn doesn’t. They keep it that way.

When Shawn and Gwenn met, they never thought their relationship would be an open book or a tool for HIV education. But that’s exactly what happened when friends encouraged the couple to go public with their healthy attitude towards sexual responsibility. For the last several years, they have spoken on hundreds of campuses, bringing humor and honesty to the sensitive subject of sexual health. Shawn discuses his many years of living with HIV, having been infected as a child, and the two explain how Gwenn remains HIV negative in their relationship.

A good sense of humor is crucial. Although HIV education isn’t normally associated with getting laughs, Shawn and Gwenn have opened eyes and ears with their laid back approach to discussing sex and deadly serious medical issues. By setting people at ease, they are able to make a genuine connection and relate to a wide variety of audiences.

Ultimately, theirs is a timely, educational love story on the timeless topic of sex. Thanks for stopping by and getting to know Shawn and Gwenn!

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