Gwenn Gets Tested For HIV

June 25, 2013

This Thursday is National HIV Testing Day. Gwenn had the idea of getting herself tested for this week’s video to honor the occasion and to promote knowing your status. With the help of AIDS Services Group here in Charlottesville, she did just that. Big thanks to Jason Elliott to being a part of this!

If you’ve been putting off an HIV test or have never been tested before, I hope you consider doing it. To find a testing center near you click here.

Positively Yours,


A Discussion With My Doctor

June 10, 2013

At my last doctor’s appointment, I talked with my doctor about the recent “HIV cure within months!” headlines that were floating around online and also my decision to switch HIV meds. Part of that discussion is in this week’s Shawn and Gwenn video, as well as an exciting new “Paging Doctor Decker” segment…

Which might just be a flash in the bed pan. Time will tell!

Hope this finds you well.

Positively Yours,

Changing HIV Medications

June 5, 2013

My latest video is a bit more personal- it’s about switching HIV medications. Since I started on HIV meds back in 1999, I’ve switched 4 times, going on 3 different combinations, but never because the drugs weren’t doing their job in keeping HIV from replicating. It’s always been because of side effects.

And it’s always been an improvement- until last fall.

Of course, I’m thankful these pills have extended my life.  But quality of life is very important to me, and I’m always going to be looking for ways to make my day-to-day existence an enjoyable one. Medications, for the most part, keep getting better and better, and I’m hopeful that the side effects because less of hindrance on our minds and bodies as we- the fortunate survivors of three decades of loss- move forward.

That was deep. Hope this little blog entry finds you well.

Positively Yours,

What People Are Saying About AIDS on Twitter 2

May 20, 2013

It’s YouTube Comedy Week, and Gwenn and I found some real laughers when searching “#AIDS” on Twitter. It appears that people are still using the word “AIDS” to get across their daily frustrations.

Positively Yours,

HIV Discrimination in the News

May 16, 2013

Gwenn and I combed through and found a few stories involving HIV that we felt compelled to discuss. Hope this finds everyone doing well.

Positively Yours,


Happy Mother’s Day

May 12, 2013

Our latest video is a shout-out to our moms, and your moms, too. Happy Mother’s Day.

Positively Yours,


Catching Up

May 1, 2013

I’d previously blogged about why Gwenn and I had a little hiatus from video-making. Well, while on hiatus, we actually recorded some of our journeys on our cellphones. One of our capers included me riding a ferris wheel in recognition of World Hemophilia Day.

I know- I’m so very, very brave.

We Attempt the Condom Challenge

April 20, 2013

We just couldn’t wait until Tuesday to post our latest video… if you haven’t heard about the condom challenge, it’s a new trend that’s taken off (for better or worse) where people post videos of themselves inserting a condom into their nose and then pulling that same condom out through their mouth.

Gwenn and I discuss this- and attempt it (wink wink)- in our new video. Enjoy!

Positively Yours,

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